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Our Three Pillars of
Operational Success

The Firestone Consulting Group team has over 100 years of combined experience in the construction industry. We understand what it takes to grow a business and have helped leaders and owners in the construction industry from across the country achieve their goals. Our approach is tailored for each client, aligning your people, tuning your processes, and maximizing your profits. We provide strategic planning, leadership development, coaching, and advising services to help you achieve success.

Our hands-on experience in operations, employee development, marketing, and business ownership provides us with the expertise to help others achieve their business and professional objectives. With the importance placed on all three pillars; people, processes, and profits, we help our clients develop a strong and stable foundation upon which they can build. Similar to the stability of a stool. The more even each of the three legs is, the more stable the stool.


Where Would You Like To Start?


Align your People

Having everyone on your team rowing in the same direction is key for growth and success. Just one person who is out of sync causes the rest of the team to work harder and impeds success. We can better align your team and get everyone working toward a common goal.


Tune your Processes

Sound processes create the building blocks for scaling your business. Whether you are a team of one or many, finely-tuned operations create accountability consistency, reduce costs, improve efficiency, support the onboarding of new employees, and establish best practices.


Increase your Profits

We work with our clients to develop a custom strategy and plan to increase the profitability of their business. Through proven methodologies, strategies, and tools, we provide our clients with the framework and the focus so they can work on their business instead of in their business.

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Level Up Your Business

Whether you need one-on-one executive coaching, want to learn from your peers in one of our mastermind groups, or have a specific challenge your company is facing, the team at Firestone Consulting Group is ready to help you align your team, tune your processes, and drive profits to your bottom line.


Matt Firestone

Matt is the President of Firestone Consulting Group, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the firm and leading the FCG team to bring a real-world approach when working with their clients. Matt and his team bring decades of hands-on experience running and owning construction companies. 

In addition to owning his own construction firm, Matt has a rich background in teaching, public speaking, and executive coaching. He crafted an electrical estimating curriculum taught at the University of Nebraska‚ÄďLincoln, contributed to the educational efforts of national trade organizations, and presented on various topics relevant to contractors nationwide.


Jim is a Senior Consultant with Firestone Consulting Group. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, starting as an apprentice and working his way to President of a large regional contractor, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Firestone Consulting Group and their clients. Jim has a keen eye for detail and, at the same time, sees the big picture. As a Fellow in the NECA Academy of Electrical Contractors, Jim has been recognized for his many significant contributions to the electrical industry. 


Bob is a Senior Consultant with Firestone Consulting Group. With more than four decades of experience in the electrical industry, Bob brings first-hand experience in leadership and management both in the field and office. As a contractor, Bob served on numerous committees for various trade associations. Bob has worked on a national level and holds licenses in multiple states. Prior to entering the electrical industry, Bob served as an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps.


Ruben is a Senior Consultant with Firestone Consulting Group, specializing in safety and OSHA compliance. Ruben's experience in the construction industry spans more than four decades and he has worked with numerous different trades. During Ruben's tenure in the industry, he has served on both local and national trade advisory committees, helping to ensure safe working conditions throughout the industry. Prior to entering the construction industry, Ruben served in the United States Navy.  

What our clients have to say.

"Matt has an incredible wealth of knowledge in the contracting field and should be considered for any contractor looking to improve their business operations and field management."

- Tom K., Vice President

"Working with Matt and his team, I developed how I communicate, manage time, and address issues head-on in my office. Doing this has allowed me to become a better leader for my employees. "

- Chris F., President

"Rather than chasing fads and trends, Matt has a great ability to distill the work to its best practice and scale those processes, tools, and workflows to drive performance on safety, production, purchasing, and bidding."

- Brian O., Vice President

FCG Professional Development

Take control of your success through our virtual and in-person programs.

FCG's High-Performance

Level up your top performers with measurable results. This proven curriculum creates action and accountability to build lasting leadership skills and fosters growth. This 12-month program meets monthly via Zoom with 1-on-1 interactions between sessions.


Executive Mastermind Groups

The mastermind group concept has existed since the 1920s. Leadership and growth guru Napoleon Hill coined the term in his book The Laws of Success. We have taken this concept to the next level by bringing growth-focused individuals together to help one another succeed.


Fix This Next

As a "Fix This Next" certified advisor, let us guide you through the process to level up your business. Based on the principles in Mike Michalowics's book "Fix This Next," we will determine what issues are most pressing and limiting the growth of your business. Then, one by one, develop a plan to fix each of them.


One-on-One Executive Coaching

Whether you are trying to get out of a rut, break through a plateau, be a better leader, or maximize your potential. Working one-on-one with a certified executive coach may be all you need to push through and reap the rewards of success.


More programs coming soon.


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